Festival of the Lion

A Note to my players

A Kick Ass Year

I just want to thank all of you involved in the past year and the roller coaster that was Festival. Those that have been there since the beginning and those that have joined later in the story. You all effected the story more then you know and I can not take credit for all the changes.
Thanks to Jess and Mark for letting us into their home every Monday. Thank you all for sticking through the more role-playing oriented boring diplomatic sessions. Thanks for your feedback and again for the overall experience. The final night I had some emotions running through me as I watched it all play out. I couldn’t of asked for a better finale.

Keep an eye out I still owe you backstorys that will answer some questions that were not answered.
I am definitely going back to this world in the future. It will most likely be in 4E, you guys will have first dibs on spots when I do.

Thanks again


It’s been “real”, best story tellin ever… Grunwin’s Claw, Grunwin is Claw, Grunwin is Claude… classic…

A Note to my players

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