Festival of the Lion


After the party had had its rest and before they set out from their location, Corinthas sat down to say his prayers before the day ahead.

“Great and mighty St. Cuthbert, may your vengeance be swift.
Lord, I pray that you will grant me patience in my dealings with this…gnome, and please grant me wisdom. I have reached my limit and am anxious to exact the retribution due, but I know that I must wait as she may serve useful in the events to come. Please give me your sight and help me choose how to act because her acts demand vengeance, but there is a greater injustice that may require her. My lord please shut her damn mouth and stay my mace. Also diseases might be nice. Actually, if she left, that would be…”

Corinthas was interrupted

“Grace is gone!” Pip exclaimed.

“Thank you lord.” Corinthas finished.



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