Festival of the Lion

In loving memory

She kneeled in silence beneath the oak tree, silently weeping for her loss. It seemed even now she could still hear his thoughts in her head, whispering words of comfort despite his fate. He was her anchor, her best friend, her family… what was she to do without him now? With the back of her hand, she wiped the tears from her eyes and buried her face in her lap. It hurt, physically and mentally. It hurt so badly… As Rex leapt to his death she could feel the blade as if it had pierced through her own flesh. Remembering his final moments, Pip again burst into tears. With his last breath he gave her a look, as if to say, “I did what must be done. This was my destiny, now go forth and fulfill yours.”

Storm clouds began to fill the sky as she helplessly sat by his grave. She pondered her fallen companion’s thoughts, partly hoping this was all just a dream. So many had given their life in on the journey to stop the Dark One, and although many of them had been spared (including herself) by spells or that of a divine power, there were still those that would never return. Her thoughts then drifted towards Kagaga and Azreal. Despite their flaws and their crazy antics, they were her friends, and now, being alone with her thoughts for the first time in months, she suddenly missed them. At that moment a wave of emotion hit Pip as everything from her past suddenly caught up to her. Everything she had run away from came crashing down upon her. She found herself overcome with feeling while her memories held her captive. The fate of her mother, father, grandmother, Kagaga, Biggs, the Kings of Mordent, the gnomes, Grace, Desmond, Dubai, Bart, Captain Kiwi, Grunwin, Dragon, The Dark One, James, Ariel, Ignacious, Saphir….

So many faces flashed through her mind, one right after another after another, and suddenly it stopped on Amanda, the one who gave Pip a second chance to set everything right. It was then Pip realized that her life was no longer her own. She was given a second chance to set things right, but without someone to maintain the order and peace between nations, it would all be lost. She had made so many friends from so many different places all over the world: Ignacious the ambassador from Tristinia, Ellie the princess of Mordent, Saphir the new queen of the Elven kingdom, Biggs the prince of the isles, amongst so many others. Not only did she know them but she had either saved them in a time of need, traveled with them, or was in a relationship with them… With her contacts she could work hard to ensure peace between the people so that when another nation needs help or another evil arises they are ready. The Dark One said himself that one day another shall rise in his place, and when that day comes we will be ready.

She thought of Biggs, and how much she longed for his embrace. She hoped he would be arriving in Mordent soon. An animal messenger had been sent on the road back to Mordent asking him to meet her as soon as possible. She didn’t want to admit it, but with Rex gone, now more than ever, she needed him.

Her hands fell upon her stomach. Her life really was not her own anymore. The world was at peace for the time being, and she was going to make sure it stayed that way for the generations yet to come. The deaths of her comrades would not be in vain. Their sacrifice would be remembered.

After a few moments of silence, Pip rose and whispered, “Goodbye Rex. You shall never be forgotten. May you rest in peace dear friend.” A light rain began to fall as Pip’s tears fell to the bare Earth, and together, Mother Nature and her child mourned the loss of the fallen.



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