Festival of the Lion

Love Letter #1

My Love,
It has been mere hours since I left your side, and already I yearn to be close to you again. I’m afraid I don’t know how long I will be gone. There are many great dangers that lie before me on my path, but none are so great that they should keep me from returning to your arms. You have filled me with such joy and such love, feelings I have no know since I was a child. For this I am eternally grateful to you and hereby give you my word as a Halfling that my heart will always belong to you. I must go now, my comrades are in need, I will write you as often as I am able. Farewell for now my darling. May you stay safe and well and may the gods shine their light upon you and your kingdom.

With all my love,
Pip <3


YAY! Hahaha glad you wrote something! And its a love letter to your hot coffee guy. Awesome!

Love Letter #1

Good to see people using “Festival” again :). “Hot Coffee” meh, I prefer caramel fraps. :P

Love Letter #1

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