Festival of the Lion

Not Quite Dead

Azrayael was never a simpleton in his youth. Often in trouble in Darkshire, telling little white lies like “I never cheated on you with Cassie”, to “That house collapsed on its own” and various other petty crimes. Instead of being punished he had fond memories of his parents thinking he needed activities to keep him out of trouble so they took him to the ball pit (complete with slide) in most instances, the fencing club, and to farmer marc’s all you can eat chicken. Even a child can put 2+2 together, and so trouble seemed to follow young Azrayael.

They say when you die your life flashes before your eyes. This was not the case, instead of his entire life Azrayael saw only the ball pit (complete with slide). He was not a child anymore, and no one seemed to care he was playing in it, unlike last time 10 years ago.

Azrayael finally realizing that he had just been in a battle, stopped to look around. “How did I get here? Darkshire is overrun with undead, were-wolves and the plague now… this could not be real.” “Heironeous!” he called out. He heard Heironeous respond “They still need you, your mount and I await for another day!”

Suddenly he noticed a familiar female angel in the ball pit next to him. “Hello Azrayael” said a soft seductive voice. Azrayael always having a weakness for any damsel, blushed uncontrollably. “Hi” he responded sheepishly. Still unsure of his presence here, he raised his right hand and whispered “Detect Evil”. After detecting no evil he let his guard down.

“Your friends are preserving you for a resurrection right now.” she said playfully splashing some of the plastic balls around towards Azrayael.

Gleefully flirting back Azrayael splashed back, than stopped suddenly. “Wait, I thought I wasn’t dead?”

She smiled and tossed her long silky hair back. “You have not yet passed, you are merely unconscious.”

“So Heironeous is protecting me”? Azrayael questioned, almost surprised that Heironeous would intervene a champion of hers joining her.

“She has always watched over you Azrayael”. she replied. “The dark one has committed many sins and seeks to tear Mordent and Tristana to pieces, with the loss of the two human capitals the rest of the outlying cities will fall to ruin to the impending army of darkness he now commands. Azrayael I need you to promise me, you will defeat the dark one. With your word you will awaken from this dream.” The angel promised.

“I give my word as a paladin, I will do this task or die a truth death in service”. Azrayael pledged proudly.

“Just what I wanted to hear”. The angel beamed. “Let’s go down the slide.”

They climbed the ladder to the slide, at the top Azrayael sat down ready to slide, the angel bent down and kissed his forehead. A soothing feeling of warmth ran through his body and a comfortable, soul relaxing ease washed over his feelings.

“Oh, and one more thing, I wouldn’t tell your companions about this, they probably will think you’ve suffered brain damage from the beating that Hydra gave you.” she said before she gave Azrayael a soft push down the slide. “O.K.” he responded as he began to slide.

With the wind in his hair and picking up speed rather quickly for the height of the slide, there was a flash of light, Azrayael felt a sharp pain through his entire body, he felt the dried blood on his skin and several of his bones fractured, it was suddenly very hard to breathe and his head felt like it had been kicked in by a few horses.

“ugh” Azrayael groaned as he pulled a sheet off his body and looked around.

EVIL!!!!” Gar responded immediately rushing over to shackle him. Normally Gar’s weak frail body would have been no match for Azrayael, in his current state Gar shackled him and began badgering him with ridiculous accusations claiming he had been turned undead and was now likely an evil creature.

Saphir overjoyed for the first time about anything to see Azrayael alive, rushed over to pick the lock on the manacles.

“That’s ridiculous!” cried out Corinthas almost immediately, being the only one to have been back from the dead, Corinthas was a bit less naive about this sort of thing.

Pip also started to rant on badgering and making slanderous claims. Very uncharacteristic for her, Pip was generally his ally and a wise, calm, collected druid.

With a loud click, the manacles fell off, Saphir had easily dispatched them.

Corinthas detected evil on Azrayael, detecting a strong aura of good, he demanded the paladin heal a simple wound that had been inflicted upon his arm. "If he really was “still” a paladin he would be able to heal it". Corinthas told the others. Unnecessary but logical enough, Azrayael agreed and cured his scratch with great ease.

The party dropped their guard, Corinthas shook Azrayael’s hand and welcomed him back like a brother.

The party always did have a “charming” and “charismatic” relation with any new townsfolk or ambassadors they came across, but this was Azrayael he had been there for damn near close a year protecting them. Had he really given them all reason to distrust him?

With a smile he thought. “No… not yet anyway…..”


hahha to be honest, Saphir doesn’t care how you came back or even if you came back with bad intentions, shes (actually) just happy your alive. As long as you don’t go all nutjobcrazy like Grace, she’ll like you. :)

Cuz somehow you and the druid have stuck to her and she wouldn’t replace you guys with anyone.

Not Quite Dead

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