Festival of the Lion

Paladin Quest 2: Bandits

“There is no escaping the light, your shadow will be judged and found useless, the wicked will fall before the righteous.” Azrayael’s booming voice sounded through the bandit’s lair.

“Ha! A lone man, outnumbered, you have no chance fool.” Came a response from a mysterious shadowy throne down the stairs.

The two door guards turned and came outside and into the light, some clanking of heads together and their bodies tumbled back down the stairs into the dark lair.

Seeing their companions dispatched so easily put the other bandits on their guard, they were not so overconfident now. Azrayael fearless, even when outnumbered charged down the stairs, it was a very dimly lit cavern with torches, unnatural stairs made of cold stone leading down to a damp kind of mossy cave, on the far side Azrayael could make out a throne made of bone and cloth scraps from what had to be people’s clothes.

“Your torture and murder of the innocent has ended”. The paladin’s noble voice sounded.

“Enough of your pointless banter, guards, Attack!” The figure on the throne commanded.

Longsword in hand, heavy steel shield in the other Azrayael was ready. A quick shield slam to the face and a slash across another one’s arm made two of the four guards drop their weapons right away. The other two attempting to flank the paladin by moving around and striking at the same time.

Azrayael turned to face one as the other’s mace found his ribs, a few bones breaking and a loss of breath wasn’t enough to stop this paladin. A desperate slice at the bandit in front of Azrayael, but not quite fast enough as the bandit parried the blade. The bandit from behind went to swing again but the lone paladin jerked his sword from the first bandit’s blade and thrust it between his own arm and chest to find the face of the bandit from behind.

The second bandit with the slashed arm picked up his scimitar with his other hand and threw it at Azrayael, a nice try but left handed using an unbalanced weapon does not have a high likely hood of hitting anything, let alone someone moving around in the art of combat with another.

Azrayael threw his longsword at the fourth bandit easily piercing his leather armor and impaling him, the bandit with the sliced arm went to pick up his scimitar when Azrayael charged him and bashed his chest with the shield. The bandit flew backwards into the rock wall his head jerking around the edge and a loud snap confirmed, this bandit’s neck had been broken and he was not going to move again soon.

Azrayael turning to face the dark throne again, just in time to see the dark figure stand and his eyes glow red. Azrayael lifting his right hand had just not enough time to sense the strong aura of evil before getting blasted backwards by a dark beam of energy. Ten to fifteen feet and sliding across the floor into the bandit with his sword in his chest.

Azrayael’s skin had been seared and his armor melted in several spots. Breathing heavily, he ripped his sword from the bandit’s chest and stood again to face his foe.

“Your dark magic is merely parlor tricks to the might of the light! The silver hand will extermina——-” Azrayael was cut off and had to dive out of the way of another beam of darkness, with a roll he was back on his feet and facing the dark figure again.

“You did me a favor, now I wont have to pay them” The dark figure responded.

“You will fall as well”. Azrayael promised.

“Not today, I wont.” The dark figure shot a white bolt that seemed to follow Azrayael as he tried to tumble out of the way. Despite what should have been an easy dodge, the bolt struck Azrayael with such an intense impact as it slammed into the paladin that Azrayael’s helmet was knocked off and his shield slid across the room. When he looked up the dark figure was gone. After gathering his equipment Azrayael searched the bandits and found nothing of value, further investigation of the cave he found a note left on the throne that said:

“The dark one will return, and none shall be spared”.


What a bitch! Though I’m not sure I should be the one saying this…

Paladin Quest 2: Bandits

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