Festival of the Lion

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There is always an underground.

Saphir knew this, even in the sacred cities that surround Ethe’ron that there was a hidden underground.

It was with that one singular thought that made her confident. She had had it with the out of control small cleric…thing. Today’s antics had broken rather fragile patience.

It was that night that she took matters into her own hands. Moving silently and quickly, she incapacitated the sleeping cleric. It took only a little bit of poisons from the surrounding area. How could she not want to test what she had learned so long ago? She was the daughter of Bal’ir Liadin, Lord of the farming city of Apri, she knew her Ethe’ron plants well. After a quick check, she took the clerics possessions with her and left what was not.

Saphir had contemplated a note of sorts but decided against it, her knowledge of the creature she held was a bit limited. Perhaps a quick exit would not bring up as much suspicion.
After moving to a safer location, she waited for the creature to awaken. During this time she had procured a disguise from a new “acquaintance”. She would rather not have the cleric screaming bloody murder if she were to somehow revive like the other one.

As for her new friend? She always managed to slip off easily from the group around her. It was on one of those occasions she had met the figure. It took simple eye contact and a smug smile from each to know that they were similar. She had sought the figure when her mind was made to kill the bothersome cleric.

Once the cleric seemed to come out of her stupor, Saphir only let the thing get out a groggy “huh?” before smiling and slicing its throat with a clean swipe of a dagger.

She watched as it gasped for breath, the gurgling was slick and blood seeped down the front of it. She only removed her guise after the cleric had let out is last soft gurgle. She turned away from the dead body and saw her acquaintance greet her with a grin.

They talked quickly and briefly about what were to happen next. After, she handed all the possessions of the clerics over to the figure next to her, as well as a small purse.
She moved farther away from the body and only glanced back to see the figure beginning to remove the limbs of the cleric from its torso. The acquaintance had mentioned jokingly that it might pass the body off to a bakery nearby that made meat pies.

Smirking morbidly, Saphir noted to never eat any pies until they had left Ethe’ron for good. Turning back, she headed back to the place in which her other companions were residing.
As she quietly moved back to her place, she began going into her mental rest period with a smile on her face.

Morning could not come soon enough.


Haha, yay! Nice and gruesome. :D

Stress Relief

Wow gruesome.
Have someone else do the dirty work.

Stress Relief

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