Festival of the Lion

The Clock Ticks

Alone in the darkness, Saphir managed to find a quite place to herself on a ship filled with rather annoyingly loud people.

Each day wracked another set of worries on top of her. They came closer and closer to Ethe’ron with each passing minute.

She had devised a plan, a web of lies to pass through Ethe’ron without notice, however the company she now kept, made it difficult.

It seems as though they continually cycled through people. Adding when one died, losing as one came back to life, splitting off to gather back together…it was too difficult to keep track of.

Seriously, how the hell did Corinthas even come back? Despite that, Saphir would never really trust him again. You know, when he attempted to hold person on her a while back. And that stupid zone of truth.

She would have tried to get the Paladin on her side, but if a passing beauty even winked at him, he would spill his secrets at her feet. The Druid, while never as loose lipped as the Paladin, entrusting her with this still didn’t settle right. Some thing would go wrong.

The tiny woman with the whip was out of the question. She was just plain crazy. The mage? Hell no. The Bard? She’ll pass. The Ranger? He might rat on her just for the fun of it.

It was at this point she kind of longed for Kacaga. That huge half orc would serve as a mighty distraction to the Palace, and with him, she might have slipped by unnoticed.

No, it seems she would have to figure this out by herself.


That makes Corinthas a saaaaad panda. Although, I’m not sure he really thought you trusted him in the first place.

The Clock Ticks

Azrayael, man of stone, defender of the innocent, fights outnumbered all the time, fearless even in the face of dragons, gorgons, undead, dire creatures and werewolves…..

“but if a passing beauty even winked at him, he would spill his secrets at her feet”

Weakness: Any damsel in distress.

The Clock Ticks

Or a rust monster

The Clock Ticks

or a d20

The Clock Ticks

when has gar ever given up secrets? only to the royal family when asked… but if no one knows, then they wont ask :P

The Clock Ticks

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