Festival of the Lion

The Party of the Big Cats

Corinthas sat awkwardly, thinking about the events that have unfolded in the last…year? Ever since he arrived in Beccna on his way to Mordent he had been travelling with these people. He had seen more than he had ever dreamed and had dreamed that he hadn’t seen some of it…oh, southern baptists…
The Lord and Lady of Yen’sira had requested the story of the group and Corinthas believed that a good place to start would be with the big cats…puppies, to some; the Krenshar, and how the party had all come together to alleviate the town of Beccna from this menace. He told them of the Orcs and Goblins that they encountered and all of their adventures while in that small, highway town.
“Eventually we got to Mordent…I suppose…once we wreaked all the havoc we could on Beccna,” Corinthas continued. He told them of his great sportsmanship regardless of the name-calling during the tournament of the great Festival.
“Yes…we know all about that,” said the lady when Corinthas mentioned the King of Mordent being murdered. Corinthas tried to explain how there appeared to be some underlying mischeif. To which the Lady replied, “There’re always some eccentric conspiracy theorists out there…”
Corinthas decided it was someone else’s turn to talk…and he promptly shut up.

Corinthas awkwardly looked around the room, urging the others to speak up with looks and gestures…


Wreaked Havoc? The town would have been eliminated by one more than one threat if not for us!

The Party of the Big Cats

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