Festival of the Lion

The Present

Saphir clutched at her mother’s dress. She felt her mother’s soft hand on her long black hair. Her family had come to the Palace of Ethe’ron for a special celebration. She tried to bury herself more in the soft velvet skirt folds. She was young, only 17 years old, in human years she seemed only 9. She was to meet the prince today. It was the young prince Lai’thors birthday and all the nobles of the 8 houses were there.

She noticed 3 other young elves such as herself. She recognized the 2 young sons of Ken’soul household, Me’gil and Tinech they were only a few years older than her. (The older boy, Me’gil, was 27 years old (about 14) and the younger, Tinech, was 22 (about 13)). The other was a new babe, she didn’t know what the young ones name was, but was being held by Lady Pran.

“Go on.” her mother pushed “Go play with the others.”

She shyly stumbled forward. The young boys were together in an impenetrable huddle. The two older boys were guarding Lai’thor. After giving a curt bow she stared at her feet and she demurely gave the Prince congratulations on his birthday.

All three of the boys stared down at her. She saw a grin form on the distorted face of the Prince.

“Thank you” he replied “why don’t you come here and become my servant for my birthday as a present to me?”

Saphirs heart jumped to her throat. She tucked in her chin towards her chest more and stepped back a few small steps.”But… We already got you a present” She moved her eyes toward the table filled with many wrapped boxes.

“But, I want YOU for my birthday” he replied in a harsh tone and grabbed Saphirs arm and pulled her toward him. She felt his hand dig into her arm.

She was trapped, and there was no escape.


The more I hear about Lai’thor the more I hate him.

Azrayael: Rest easy friend, we will bring him to “Justice”. /wink

Tyranny: Elven royalty taking what they want and caring nothing of the consequences? tsk tsk.

Roh’Gal: I’ll hold ’is arms while you punch em in da gut. /smile

Tyrael? (was that the name of my mage): Ugh, where am I? Such a bad hang-over…. how did I get this silver collar?

The Present

Ew…Nixie would totally slit this guys throat.

The Present

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