Festival of the Lion

To the High Priest

Sir, please do not be alarmed if you have heard that I had perished. I have returned by the will of St. Cuthbert to finish the judgment that I had begun. I am well and wish that you are enjoying the same.

I am deeply troubled by recent occurances. Earlier today, while making repairs to our airship (very long story…perhaps for another time) we were assaulted by a great and powerful being I could only assume was divine. He was massive and plated in gold. He was a construct the quality of which I have never seen. He claimed that I did not belong on this plane and that I should be in the other. When I confronted him, describing my return and quest, he apologized and said that it appears that someone wants me dead.

I’m sure plenty of people want me dead, but to go to the extent to send a divine being after me seems a little obsessive. I must be important. Or someone really, really hates it when people are given a second chance at life in order to save the lives of others. On a more realistic note, The Dark One’s power is great, but I don’t think he sees our entire group as nearly as much a threat as his own daughter, let alone just me. Something else is at work here. There is another power that seeks after me and me alone. Perhaps something opposed to my specific purpose? Or opposed to what I stand for? The only other people who would go to such lengths to have me killed are the Worshippers of Vecna, but they haven’t acted nor have I heard of anything in ages, though this does fit their usual methods. Deception, lies, secrets, that which they hold most sacred is naught but an abomination.

I pray all is well with you. Please write soon and if you have any news or any information that would help me in regards to this, I would very much appreciate it.

In the name of the Great Judge, St. Cuthbert,


Clearly you are a threat to him.

To the High Priest

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