Festival of the Lion

Why Bother?

Saphir was wondering why she was even caring anymore.

It seemed like the fate of her home was just a mockery to some of the others she was traveling with. Sure she had not explained what she had gone through, but would it really matter?

She had seemly contemplated just to suicide this mission and taking down Lai’thor with her. Saphir let out a strained laugh. She bet the group would just pick up another homeless person who only had a child’s proficiency with weapons to take her place.

The seemingly went through so many people on their “adventures” another replacement would not be so unexpected.

But even so, their most recent trial to gain the Lady Faroths favor had gone amiss. Her opposite, the brave and loyal Paladin, had seemingly been slain.


Even after managing to slay the Shlamaha or something (The hell that was its real name. Lady Faroth was probably laughing on the inside every time the group said it) they took the fallen bodies back to Lo’tess. (Lady Faroths young human ranger was also slain the fight, but the Lady did not seem to care).

It was as Saphir and others were discussing a way to bring back the Paladin (rebirth as a random creature! Saphir refuses to see that happen to one such as a Paladin) that he awoke on his own. Lady Faroth said she detected a cold chill through the air right before the Paladins re awaking, while Saphir did as well, but the absolute feeling of relief washed through her that made her totally ignore it.

However, instead of everyone feeling as relieved as Saphir did, others seemingly took the Paladin to be evil, the snobbish human ranger even went as far as to handcuff him! Baffled Saphir immediately undid the handcuffs in a snap and released the Paladin.

Others around him continued to give him questions and have him prove he was still holy.


But finally achieving the hurdle that the Paladin was NOT evil (aren’t they looking at the wrong person!) we continued on our way, with Saphir hoping things will go better from here on out.

Yea, right, that suicide mission was starting to sound better and better…


I was pretty amazed at the amount of suspicion around his resurrection. Pip was tossed into a chasm of energy along with her dog. She comes back with her dog all crazy looking and there’s no questions asked.

Why Bother?

it was probably because of the way you described it. Chasm of Holy energies? its dandy! However a cold wind and the Lady being spooked… pretty sure it would raise some suspicions. XD

Saphir doesn’t care of course, shes just glad that the Paladin is back, no matter how or why.

Why Bother?

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