A cunning sorcerer looking for whatever the world may offer...


Sorcerer level 5

HP: 27 AC: 14

STR: 9 DEX: 15 CON: 15 INT: 14 WIS: 13 CHA: 18

FORT: +4 REF: +4 WILL: +5


Vek grew up in the small town of Rrase; his upbringing was modest and uneventful. He was not disliked, but he was deemed quite different than the other residents. Some claimed it was the sign of a gift, while others said it was merely just personality. Vek’s suspicion of an innate power was confirmed when he discovered that, through concentration of will, could move objects and manipulate sound at a distance.

Although magic was not unheard of in Rrase, the newly christened sorcerer soon became popular as the only magically gifted soul in town, performing and providing work with his metaphysical feats. Who was once reclusive and convoluted became dashing and personable.

Now, it was in the hollow of a tree in the outskirts of town Vek hid silently with his heart racing and face sweating, where he pondered how the course of his life lead him to such a tragic ultimatum: flee his home forever or be sentenced to death. For you see, it is a blessing indeed to be the only spell caster in town, but when a powerful artifact disappears from a consecrated shrine and the guards are pronounced dead by means of magic, there is no solace from misguided condemnation. With no other leads, the outraged town of Rrase had demanded Vek be placed on trial. The mayor, striving for incumbency, issued a warrant for his arrest. The sorcerer received a message from a loyal friend just in time to escape the constables and flee into a nearby forest.

What was once anger and disgust over his betrayal subsided into melancholy disappointment: Vek understands the perceived probability of guilt, but wouldn’t be able to sway the minds of the townsfolk. With nothing more than the clothes on his back, a few silver pieces, and “Shiv,” his Lynx familiar, Vek waits in the darkness of night, readying his final flight from the patrol.

Passing guards hustle through the small woodland near town, covering ground quickly to find their quarry.

A foot falls. A twig snaps. The legs of a man appear nearby in the view out of the low hollow. Shiv bares his teeth.

Sensing an imminent discovery, Vek prepares “Shocking Grasp” and silently apologizes to the officer…


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