Desmond Baren "Cloak" Finch

Gnome Illusionist...What do you expect? - Deceased as well...


Gnome Illusionist 3 Rogue 2
Rogue 2
AC-15, HP-30
Saves: F-3 R-7 W-4
Initiative: 3
Abilities: Str-10, Dex-15, Con-15, Int-17, Wis-11, Cha-10

Magic Items: Goggles of Minute Seeing
Hands of the Mage
Pearl of Power, 1


“C’mon! C’mon! C’mon!” Desmond murmured to himself as he realized that
Lucien was starting to recover. He thought he had mastered that spell.
He however continued to try any counter-spells he could think of.


He lifted his goggles.

“Finally!” He quickly reached up and grabbed the gloves…

“Gloves?” He said confused.

He began to inspect them closely, noticing that the fine materials used
in these gloves seemed to be simply fine leather. No gems, no gold, no
mithril, just a well-crafted leather.

He cursed as he left the room, carefully stepping over the groggy Lucien.

A small smirk appeared on his face as he attached a runic note to the
door as high up as he could. He chuckled and made his way out of the
house. As he crossed the threshold a loud explosion sounded behind him.
He laughed out loud; that was his spell.

Desmond Finch was born in the city of Mordent to a wealthy family of
gnomes. Every one of which was a Sorcerer of great standing and
notoriety, except Desmond. He was not gifted with magic as the rest of
them were, or, at least not in the way that they were.

Though he lacked the innate power of a sorcerer, Desmond had a great
aptitude for learning and understanding how things worked. His family
was not impressed however and kept insisting that he refrain from such
nonsense and perform magic in the proper manner, without the use of
books and scrolls.

Desmond eventually decided to make his life elsewhere in a more simple
manner, away from the nobility and politics of the city. He began to
travel around, seeking to cause trouble and simply have fun wherever
he went.

He took another look at the gloves and stuffed them into his jacket.
He looked back at the house, some papers floating out into the street
from the blast.

He hated Lucien. He was the "wise old man who traveled with him from
Mordent. He helped him with survival necessities and gave him tips on
his magic when he needed it, but when they arrived in Ceston, Lucien had
disappeared along with all of his belongings except the pearl he kept in
his pocket and the goggles he always wore. He adventured for awhile on
his own after that incident all the while tracking Lucien. He finally
caught up to him in Edlon. Not far from where he had been taken
advantage of those 4 years prior.

Desmond chuckled again and headed to the nearest den. Upon
entering, he saw Bayo sitting in the corner gasping and cowering at
nothing…as usual. He asked the bartender for a drink and settled
into the opposite corner from Bayo.

After about an hour of examining the gloves he had a brilliant idea.

He put the gloves on.

He felt as though his hands extended…He picked up the glass and took
a sip, ignoring the newly spawned dragon flying across the ceiling.
When he looked down he noticed that the drink was actually floating in
front of him. He carefully directed the glass down. He took his hand
and mimicked the gesture of picking up the glass and up it went though
his hand was a good foot away.

“Score!” he thought.

He quickly lost his concentration and dropped the glass when a swarm
of very tiny gold dragons landed on it.

“Sorry!” he said to the bartender. He left a silver piece on the table
and walked out of the den.

“Halt!” came a deep powerful voice.

He looked and saw two powerfully built humans and a massive half-orc
between them. They all were clad in heavy armor.

“Yes?” he replied.

“A gnome was seen leaving the house of Lucien Weston just after the

“Robbery?” he bluffed.

“Yes, a crime has been committed and you are suspected of being
involved,” the guard explained.

“Me? I’m just a simple traveler passing through your…well guarded
city,” he again bluffed.

The guards approached and the left human took out a pair of manacles.

“You’re going to have to come with us,” he said.

Desmond panicked and quickly cast color spray causing one of the humans
to grab his eyes, the other to fall on the ground unconscious,
and the half-orc stopped in his tracks seemingly stunned.

Desmond ran for it, he knew that they wouldn’t be able to catch him if
he got out of the city. He ran to a horse, hopped on and rode quickly to
a house right next to the wall. He entered and ran down to the basement
making sure to lock the door behind him. He found the switch ran into the
tunnel and came up into Olinin forest after about an hour of walking.

He cursed Ayen for his city and made his way to the trail. He hoped that
this wasn’t during that special 8 hour period…with his luck tonight, it
would be.

He eventually came upon the small guard that blocked the road.

“Hey! What are you doing here!? How’d you get over there!?” the guards

“Meh,” groaned Desmond as he walked past them to the small encampment that
always settled at this point during that special 8-hour period. He sat down
and had some of that wonderful food.

He performed some tricks for the travelers to make a little money for his
trip back up north to Mordent. He decided it’s about time he “resupply” and
maybe get some others to join him in his adventures.

He needs some real fun.

Desmond Baren "Cloak" Finch

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