Tag: Edlon


  • Edlon

    Harbor City Ran by the Wealthy Gnome [[:109293 | Ayean]].
    The city has a very strict guard who keep crime down to a minimum.
    Only city in [[Mordent | Mordent]] which allows [[Devil's Hoof | Devil's Hoof]] consumption. Although it is heavily …

  • Dens

    Located in Edlon it is the only place where it is "Legal" to drink [[Devil's Hoof | Devil's Hoof]]. Depending on the Den you can see anything from addicts to very influential people in these dens.

  • Rurik

    After adventuring with [[:109293 | Ayean]], Rurik was hired by him to Captain his private Militia in the town of [[Edlon | Edlon]]. He is very strict and militarized in his ways.