Quick rundowns of each session.

Session 31
The party is ambushed in their “safe house” by the Royal guard. Ellis has turned them in for their bounty. The group decides to surrender except for Vek who causes trouble blowing stuff up for a little while. Finally captured the party is escorted to the capital where they are met by an unnamed Elven Wizard who only says he is the Emperor’s 2nd hand. the group tells them of his plan to overthrow the emperor and save the princess and he agrees. Telling them there are ways to do this legally and he will call the nobles for talk.

Session 30
Bart has a friend in Kivar that will be a good place to stay untill they speak with the noble. They meet Ellis, Bart’s friend and Ellis quickly shows them a good time. They are treated as VIP guests at Ellis’s concert and given drinks all night. The party goes on for quite a while until they find Ellis has another plan. He has turned them in for a huge reward.

Session 29
The next city they visit is Yensira, they get the help of an Elven Bard named Lego who sneaks them by the guards. They arrive in the main library and help an old Elf retrieve a book from the guards. A Human Wizard named Bart helps them out. They learn he is the noble of the city and they gain his favor in the upcoming revolution.

Session 28
With the kind of support of the Noble of Shea the group moves onto Lotess, known for their rangers. Upon arrival they are met by a human ranger who takes them in. The Noble tells them to help the human ranger. They do…. and he ends up dying. They gain her support and are sent off to Yensira

Session 27
The group splits in 2 and each finds a way into Shea. Laying low in the cellar of a house Saphire and Pip go to speak with the Noble family to try and gain their support. The rest of the group gets into trouble with a fat elf.

Session 26
The party finds them self in trouble after a warnign from an ex royal guard. The Emperor plans to arrest the group and play it off as if the princess never arrived. The Airship is captured along with captain and crew. Grace starts a rukkus that leads in her capture. Later Vek and Gar break Grace out and the rest of the party find a way into the next city Shea

Session 25
After insulting the scouts of Ethe’ron they are offered a second chance and escorted to the city of Menlay. Upon arrival they spend time to shop and enjoy the festivities including Bouldering. Ellie is escorted by the royal guard to the main City of Ethe’ron to have her audience with the emperor.

Session 24
Upon hearing the news that the King has died (again) the group is sent on a mission to Ethe’ron to escort Ellena “Ellie” Landando (the remaining heir) The take flight with Captain Kiwi on his airship. Running into Dragon along the way.

Session (23alt)
The Last Gods
With the group, well most of it, safely back in Mordent, they prepare for the next leg of their quest and the trip to the great elven nation of Ethe’ron.
While shopping around town a Dubai, Grace, and Pip run into Asher, the monk diplomat from Ethe’ron. After introducing himself he heads back to the barracks where he is later joined by the three ladies as well as Garonus and Azrayel who defeated a very, very evil squirrel. It is important to note here that Azrayel was not quite in his right mind (not really that important), though his right mind isn’t quite right either.
The adventurers all decided to sit down for dinner which was provided for them in the form of a delicious soup waiting for them over a fire. Half-way through however, the fire began to spark and glow in a deep blood red. All were readying their prospective weapons and defenses when out of the fire came a great hooded figure, draped in all black, and bearing a scythe. He pulled back his hood to reveal his skull.
He explained to the adventurers that he is Azrael, a god. He explained that he obtained great power through the crystal into which all gods expell their power when they are prepared to willingly and finally die. He said that he used the power to conquer the world and then the gods and other worlds destroying as he went. When he had destroyed the entire universe he felt remorse, yet he lacked the power to recreate what he had demolished. He asked the adventurers to stop himself from obtaining the power of the crystal and save the entire universe. After they accepted he began to disentigrate. Before he was completely gone, he gave the adventurers a large diamond, which would take them to the place in which the crystal resides, a grey dagger, which he said they would have to use to kill him, and a planer.
Dubai quickly crushed the diamond, transporting them to the sacred place. Upon arriving, the adventurers quickly realized the greatness of the quest which they had undertaken when upon examining their surroundings they were greeted by a city-sized eye staring at them. They travelled along a road, the eye following them all along, until they came to a fissure to which there seemed no bottom. They eventually found a bridge and raised it by solving a small puzzle. About halfway across, and looking down, they saw another great eye looking up at them. They eye blinked. No one was themselves anymore. They had all switched bodies, though retaining the skills of the body.
the bridge began to shake and the adventurers ran across the bridge only to be greeted by a giant. The giant asked them to turn or he would destroy them. When the characters refused he attacked. The adventurers defeated the giant though suffering some moderate damage.
Upon traveling further, they came upon a great door engraved with images of dragons and nymphs. Upon the door were 9 key holes all numbered in order. They saw 2 other doors, one of them with 3 locks on it numbered 1-3 and the other door was unlocked. They went through quite a few puzzles, some threatening their lives, some simply testing their wits.
When the adventurers finally came to the last room, a man was sitting in a chair twirling the key in his finger. The man simply stated, “A key for a soul!” After much arguing and deliberation, Asher and Azrayel were forced to flip a coin to see who would give their soul, each claiming that he should be the one to give it away. Asher won and gave his soul to the man who tore his body apart to get to his soul which he folded and placed in his pocket. After a brief (very, in my opinion) mourning period the party went to the massive door and unlocked it.
Upon traveling through a fleck of dust on Azrayel’s shoulder sparkled and flew forward. To everyone’s surprise it formed into the one who gave them their quest; Azrael! The great guardian of the death of gods demanded that Azrael leave, but when he refused, a battle ensued and the adventurers witnessed a battle to the death between two gods. Azrael was winning until the adventurers steped in and distracted him long enough (though dealing no damage) for the guardian to get a few hits in.
When Azrael had finally had enough he flung everyone else away from him. With no one to stop him, he would surely attain the power of the crystal. Suddenly, with a flash of light, Asher appeared right on top of the dagger, the only implement that seemed to harm the god. He picked it up and lunged at the god running him through and ending his existence.
The guardian was greatful to all of the adventurers, granting them their prospective bodies and promising safe return. He also offered them one wish. After much deliberation, the heroes had decided what they would wish for… The Lady Returns

Session 23 (New Season Premier)
Upon their successful retrieval of the gem from the dragon, Vek, Dubai, Lando, Grace, and Desmond (we’ll call them group 1) all boarded the airship and were ready to head back to Mordent. However, Kiwi had a different idea. Kiwi informed the adventurers that the ship was not bound for Mordent, but had another errand to run before that; to pick up another group of adventurers (who could that be?!).
The other group, Pip, Garonis, Azrayel, and Saphir (group 2), had successfully escaped the collapsing temple only to find themselves amidst a battle between frost giants and the dwarfs that had been in the area previously. Azrayel found to his pleasure that he did in fact detect evil among the giants. The party looked off in the distance and saw an awkward flying shape heading in their direction with the word Pengin written on the side.
Upon their arrival in the warzone, group 1 aboard the Pengin were greeted with flying boulders hurled at them by the giants on the ground. Kiwi was getting excited, working up the gnomes and the adventurers for the glory that awaits them on the ground below, also getting them to fix the ship. After a couple good blows the ship went down and landed roughly on the ground. The ship was in need of some repairs, so kiwi sent out group 1 to get the other adventurers, but they were quickly greeted by a couple of giants and their kitty cats! During the difficult and fierce battle, Desmond and Lando were both, unfortunately killed in the action.
Group 2 fought their way through the many, many giants and dwarfs valiantly and finally made it to the ship which was still in dire need of repairs. They quickly went to help whereupon the arrival of the frost giant leader made their help quite welcome. In the ensuing battle, Grace made a courageous stand against the leader and Vek did some major damage to the giants, but in the end the ship was repaired and only 1 giant was left to try anything, but the party members with ranged abilities quickly took care of him. The party had escaped and were finally headed back to mordent.

Session 22a
The morning after the feast following their triumphant defeat of the great scorpions
and the warrior, the party readied to set out for their confrontation of the dragon
that rules the island, hoping that the gem they seek is somewhere along the way (not
really thinking about the real quest until this point). The adventurers were led to
the base of a cliff and told that in the cave up about 60 feet is the residence of
the dragon. The party had no idea what to expect, each thinking “we’re dead” or “we
got this” or “I’m a god!” Regardless of their thoughts, the players eventually were
faced with the reality that they’re currently entering the lair of a dragon with no
plan whatsoever. Upon entering, the party immediately knew they were in over their
heads when a great booming voice spoke out in draconic “why are you here?!” in their
usual way, the party talked their way into the graces of the great red dragon
convincing him to let them do him a favor in exchange for ridding him of the
nuiscance of whatever is eating his treasure. (the party hoped for the gem they
sought) When the party saw that The dragon had an immense and powerful horde of
treasure, they knew that this was their best chance to obtain the gem, so they did
as the dragon instructed.
The party proceded down to the depths of the cave and were challenged by the simple
cave itself. They were almost swept away by the water in the cave after having a
tough fight with living slime. They proceded further in the cave and happened to
come across everyone’s favorite creatures…..RUST MONSTERS!!! To Grace’s great
pleasure, she was the first to lose equipment, namely, her shield. After dispatching
the last rust monster, the party returned to the dragon and were rewarded with the
choice of gems. One the size of a boulder, one the size of a fist, one that could
fit in the palm of your hand and one that would fit in an amulet. The party took the
one that fit in the palm as it was the right size and shape of the other magic gems.
The party told the dragon that they also want to work something out between him and
the lizardfolk that they don’t have to provide sacrifices. the dragon said that if
they supply an alternate food source he’d be fine, but that he’d better have a food
source by tonight or he takes it out of the lizardfolk. The party thanked him and
went back to the tribe.
Upon their return, the shaman asked how it went. Desmond, being the only one who
understood and spoke draconic, said that the dragon is defeated! We gods are great
and everything is good now. The shaman thanked them sincerely giving the party
members each a health beetle and sending them on their way. The party returned to
the ship and went on their way. (It should be noted here that Desmond was rewarded
for his genocide with gamerscore)

Session 21a
To Desmond’s (gnome illusionist/rogue who stowed away aboard the gnomish
airship with the adventurers) immense pleasure, the tribe of lizardfolk
believed the adventurers were gods. Being the only one of the group who
just so happened to speak Draconic, and therefore the only one able to
communicate, he greatly embelished the strength and power of the group to
take advantage of the situation as he saw fit. The rest of the group; Vek,
Dubai, Lando, and the southern baptist gnome cleric Grace; simply went along,
misleading Grace so that she doesn’t overreact as she does in the face of
alternative religions. The tribe warrior leader disapproved of the group
though the shaman of the tribe proclaimed that the adventurers are in fact,
gods and are to be worshiped as they are here to help. After the warrior
left the area the shaman apologized to Desmond (after Desmond explained that
he is the only one who speaks draconic as he is the most gracious of the
gods) for the warrior and explained the situation. There is a great dragon
that is demanding sacrifices of lizardfolk and they wish it to stop. Desmond
said that the adventurers would be glad to help and take care of any of their
needs if they were appeased. The shaman was enthralled at this and threw a
feast in their honor. The shaman also explained that in order to prove that
they’re truly gods the adventurers would need to bring him the poison sack
of a great scorpion. Anyways, that night the great feast ensued and everyone
had a great time except the warrior who was giving the party dirty looks the
entire time. The next day, the adventurers set out for the scorpion lair
after having recieved health beetles and new lizardfolk armor for lando.
Upon arrival their escorts (which included the warrior) left them. The party
entered the cave and easily cleared it out bringing the great poison sack
of the scorpion with them carried by Grace.
On their return, the warrior was trying to convince the shaman and others
that the party had surely perished and were therefore not gods. The shaman
was absolutely convinced at their return, however, Grace had finally had
enough of the warrior’s attitude and stabbed him with the scorpion tail/
venom sack, poisoning him and starting a fight. The warrior was absolutely
furious, but grace simply threw up a sanctuary and the warrior died from
the poison. Thanks to Dubai’s fascinating performance, the rest of the
followers of the warrior were convinced not to fight, ending the confrontation.
That night there was another great feast, for tomorrow, the gods confront
the great dragon.

Session 20b
The 2nd party consisting of, Azrayael , Garonis , Saphir , and Pip. Headed out towards Ice Vale keep led by Boot. After day of travel through harsh cold weather they arrived at The Winter Wonderland. A resort used by only the wealthiest. So secluded that people who were not of noble stature were killed. Saphir managed to convinve the establishment of her noble blood and got a cabin, not for a cheap price. Meanwhile Pip had caught the eye of a wealthy lord while performing on stage. The Lord requested her audiance and with charming words convinced her back to his place. chika chika wow wow.

Session 20 A
After the funeral of their fallen comrades the group was split up too look for remaining emeralds supposedly all important. Dubai, Vek, and Lando (who was still getting used to his new body) Were sent on a Gnome airship towards their destination. A tropical island to the east. The only man made structure on the island look like an ancient temple which they explored. Going quite through the maze like halls of the temple they stumbled into a minotaur which was quickly dispatched. They exited the temple and were surrounded by Lizardfolk, to the party’s surprise they did not want to kill them, but to worship them as gods.

Session 19
After safe travel to Mordent the group looked to meet with King. Pip reincarnated Lando, and what resulted was a Lizardfolk form. When allowed into the castle they found the King had left for the front lines of the war. The Adviser was left in charge and holding a small meeting. In this meeting were familiar faces, Merton and Tiernan Rafferty. The group reported to the adviser while the more holy of the group found out why the Baron did not want to see them in Midway. The baron was Undead. The group was given a task to head to an old ruin found at the site of the Orc encampment previously cleared out. Inside they dispatched a few monsters posing little trouble. Finally in one of the last rooms a dark figure mocked them. Calling himself the Dark one he attacked the group. What resulted was a hard fought battle with magic blasting everywhere. Low on strength the “Dark One” threw a final assault summoning a storm of ice, pelting his attackers. The Dark One fell hissing “He will return” as the smoke and dust cleared 2 bodies lay motionless on the ground. Corinthas and Kacaga had been slain.

Session 18
With the news that the ship was under attack, the group headed to the deck to find out how they could help. Greeted with sailors being killed and Orcs. Quickly dispatched the group had no idea how they got on the boat with no evidence of any other ship near them. The 2 escort ships had also been boarded, one was sinking when they arrived top side. The other a small war was going on between the soldiers and some intruding humans. Shortly they found out how they got on the boat when a Blue Dragon swooped by and carpet bombed the deck with electricity. Killing Lando in the process. Afterward the Dragon brought more troops over via harnesses. After a brave showing of defiance against the dragon and the new wave guards were destroyed and enemy vessel got close enough to try and board. Using hooks and rope to try and conenct the ships the party quickly took care of the new threat just as the 2nd escort fell to bad guys. Shorty after the Dragon picked up the boarders of the escort ship and brought them over. He also decided to stay and fight as well. After some serious damage was dealt by both sides the Dragon retreated and the new troops were destroyed. The only remaingin enemy ship which was far off picked up the dragon and retreated. Ayean was very thankful for their help and paid them for their losses. The ships limped into The Gap a couple days later.

Session 17
Fresh out of the Olinin Forest the party was ready to head to Edlon. Shortly before arriving in Edlon Claude bid fairwell to the group saying he had done his part. He said he would most likely return to Becna. The entered the city and was processed. Once in they inquired on the location of Ignatious and were directed to a man named Bayo. They found Bayo in “Den 4” intoxicated off of Devil’s Hoof. After a short interrogation they got what they needed. Word that Ayean, the towns richest resident, had made a deal with him to use a ship. Ayean was having a bday celebration which was a good opportunity to get in contact with him. It was off to Ayean’s Estate. Along the way they encountered how forceful the authority was in the city. Arriving at the estate they volunteered for working the party. The next day they worked the party and found out more info on Ignatius and a pleasure cruise Ayean was taking for his Bday with his private fleet. With a little luck and a placement of a magic spoon, Ayean was blown away by Kacaga’s cooking and asked him to be his personal chef on the cruise. He was allowed to bring his help (the rest of the party) Kacaga was hooked up with a huge room on the ship with unlimited service while the rest of the party had to sleep in the dirty servents area. After the ship set sail they got together in Kacaga’s suite and discussed what do do about Ignatius which Kacaga had found out had the next room. Pip and Corinthas spoke with Ignatius who was very surprised to see them. They found out Claude had sent them here and he wasn’t the one pulling the strings. Later a party was thrown by Ayean including the adventurers, Ignatius, and other rich guests. It went well into the night when a few explosions were heard. Rurik, Ayean’s head guard, ran into the party and gave them the news. They had made contact with another fleet, and they’re flying Tristinia colors.

Session 16
The party parted ways with Green Dragon and were ready to travel out of the Olinin Forest. A few hours into their painstaking slow journey (Damn horses) Pip noticed an odd Ivy covered pillar. After investigating the pillar and it’s odd ancient markings, Vek somehow activated it. A Raven pecked it’s way out of the stone and took flight leading the party in a straight direction. After a short travel the bird was shot down by an annoyed Ariel. Ariel “Stumbled” onto the group and demanded her Green Emerald returned. She accused the party that one of them had it. She made a deal that if she got her stone back she would help with the coming monster they had summoned with the pillar. Turned out Saphir had the stone and would not give it up. The party was attacked by a creature much like the etchings on the ruins. A very slow battle took place where not much danger was present. That was until Dubai thought it was a good idea to shoot at Ariel. Being rather insulted Ariel returned fire with well.. a very powerful fireball. Knocking Dubai unconscious immediately. Saphir seeing the battle hitting a stalemate gave the stone to Ariel to help. Ariel went on her promise and dismissed the creature. Getting what she came for she vanished with her prize. Much debate came from the group on wether to track down the beast, follow the direction the bird was going, or go back. Eventually the group decided on heading back. Working their way through the rest of the forest they were only harassed bby a dire bear which was quickly dispatched. Finally getting out of the forest they are only a few miles out of Edlon.

Session 15
Heading south out of Picfird the adventurers were stopped just outside of the Olinin Forest. 8 hours a day the forest was blocked off for reasons of beasts. After much debating with the guards the adventurers minus 2 spoke with other travlers that were waiting for passage. Azrayael and Vek pushed on through into the forest despite the guards complaints. The adventurers that stayed back were taught a game called goat ball by a group of kids. Once the 8 hours were up they went on to find their comrades. Tracks showed they were in trouble and they had to stray from the path. They found Vek and Azrayael tied up being used as dolls by a Green Dragon. The dragon kidnapped Pip taking her for a damsel and was scolded harshly by Ashford his keeper. Eventually the party had talked Ashford to help them cut through the forest cutting many days from their travel and gaining precious ground on Ignatious. The Green Dragon and Ashford left them with about a half days travel left to get out of the forest.

Session 14
After a 3 days journey the party arrived in the village of Picfird. A small busy village not without it’s issues. Headed by Ford the party is asked for help in dealing with local wildlife issues. Fears are that disappearances of children and younger adults are result of some horrible animal in the forest. On top of getting to the bottom of the abductions they were also tasked with finding an old mans peg leg. Which was stolen by one of the teenagers that are missing. In return information of Ignatius would be given. While looking for the monster the surrounding nature sounds eerily turned to children screaming. Searching the spot they found a game trail. After plenty of arguments between the group Vek decided to go on ahead regardless. Pip scouted up ahead in sparrow form to see where they might be heading. Pip took to the air and saw a cottage p ahead but dived back down to the safety of the trees after much bigger birds had seen her. While separated from the group the 2 ran into a charismatic young lady by the name of Ariel. Curiously she could not only recognize and talk to Pip in bird form she also could see Vek even though he had cast invisible. She proved little use to them other then confirming there was a cottage ahead. She disappeared back into the forest, Pip returned to the group and Vek continued on. While Pip told the group about Ariel, Vek found the cottage and approached a window to see a horrible sight. He was caught spying by a Jester previously seen in town and knocked out. The rest of the group arrived later making as much noise as possible and doing what they do best, bickering. Arriving at the door of the cottage Garonis could not hear anything inside so Kacaga quickly kicked the door down, knocking some young children down on the other side. Inside an old women and children were cowering in the corner. After convincing the old lady they were not going ot hurt her she told them they were being held captive and she would show them where the bad man is that’s not letting them leave. Walking around the house Kacaga is attacked by the Jester who throws him into uncontrollable laughter. Confusion sets in as the party is “attacked” by some of the children and the old women but its hard to say who’s attacking who. Many of the kids yelling at different party members to stop hurting other ones. Vek awakes to find himself in a dark room. Venturing down a set of stairs he finds himself on the bottom floor of the cottage. A group of children swarming to the door to go outside and join the fray. With a flick of the wrist and a 1000+ degree Fireball, 75% of the children are sent to an early cremation. As if it were not confusing enough. Eventually the group does confirm the old lady and the jester to be bad. All the kids are killed (by Vek) except for one and all sorts of drama begins. Child killing is not held in very much light even with Vek saying they were doing evil things. (Feeding the old lady pieces of another child) The party began talks on what to do with Vek. During talks Ariel popped in and started searching the house for a tiny green rock. Which had been previously looted by Saphir who had already left the site in boredom. Ariel not finding what she was looking for and done teasing the group disappeared and the party went back to squabbling about right and wrong. Heading back to town they told Ford the situation. Ford decided he would tell the people in time and for now he wanted the remains taken care of properly. The cottage was burned down and the kids remains buried. The party got the information on Ignatius heading south west and sat down in the Tavern for a very depressing round of drinks.

Session 13
Kacaga had found one of the Ambassadors and also Claude. The question now was what to do with them. After the party met up they discussed possible outcomes. Claude said that he freed Ignatius and Oslow after he accidentally found them. Ignatius convinced him to help and gave him the task of getting the Priest to a boat. While Ignatius went south on some sort of “Super Quest” The group let the Priest get on the ship and Claude agreed to go with them to find Ignatius. Now their issue was to get back to west end. Not easy/ Azrayael found and spoke with a very charismatic leader with a little bit of a temper, Leader of the Chozen, Zeak. Azrayael accidentally volunteered his group to help fight the Sisters in one final big battle for the city. The party was split into 3 groups for each bridge and battle began. Some characters had issues attacking the Sisters and resorted to either standing around or causing subdual damage. The Chozen with the help of the adventurers overran the Sisters taking East End and Burning their cathedral to the ground. Azrayael and Kacaga managed to save 4 Sisters and got them out of the city. They were not too happy and left the group blaming them for the destruction of their holy site. The party then backtracked the path they went before to head south and go after Ignatius.

Session 12
The adventures arrived at The Gap on their mission to find the escaped ambassadors. While Kacaga pursued business opportunities trying to build a chick dinner tavern with Greg, the rest of the adventurers went about gathering information on the whereabouts of their quarry. Pip found their horses which had been sold upon arrival to a man at an Inn. Azrayael spoke with the Sister’s of Sigma asking about a “heretic” or wizard they had seen taken off by them. The Wizard was “cleansed” and stripped of all magical items. Azrayael and Corinthas asked them to join their search. The adventurers got the attention of a shifty fellow named Gus. Gus told the party that who they were looking for was on the west side of the city but both the Sisters and Sigma’s Chozen were not going to let them pass the bridge to get to the west side. He offered to smuggle the group into the west side. Taking the offer the group was led into an underground passage and a bridge to get into the west side. They were attacked by Zeak’s Dogs which were actually 2 Gorgons. Once defeated the group went made it into the West side. Promptly searching the Taverns for the Ambassadors. Kacaga still on his quest for his Chicken franchise went looking for a place that sold chicken. There he stumbled into Othman and tackled him, capturing the Ambassador. He was interrupted by a man telling him it’s ok, I’m with him. Turning around Kacaga saw the other travler in Othman’s party, Claude

Session 11
A long uneventful journey took the adventures to a fork in the road. The tracks separated, 2 going towards the coast, 1 continuing south. After much discussion it was decided to go to follow the 2 tracks. After a days travel Pip Stumbled onto the ruins of a town with only a farm house looking structure remaining. It seemed like a safe place to stay. 1st watch heard cries of distress in the woods and woke a few others to investigate. They met a young lady who had wounds opening and closing on her body yet didn’t seem to notice. She was crying in the forest and asked for their help. The adventurers agreed and the wounds grew worse before she disappeared. Startled they ran back to the clearing to find the town in tact. The other members of the party were there and just as startled by the new surroundings. Experiencing a bright light before the change. Not wanting to wake up the inhabitants of the town/ being afraid of it, only 3 went to the inn to get a room Corinthas, Azrayael, Vek. The rest of the party went back into the forest to sleep. The morning brought confusion to the forest party, for upon return to the town it was just the clearing again. The 3 other party members were no where to be found. After a few more creepy experiences and some messed up visions they managed to get back to the town. They found the other 3 party members were enjoying their stay. All of the villagers were nice. Eventually the lady popped up again asking for their help calling the town a prison that she couldn’t leave. The party confirmed not being able to leave since any way they traveled would loop them back to the town. They agreed to help the lady named Amanda. After telling them it was a prison and everyone in the town was evil and that she could only be free if it was all destroyed the party went to work destroying stuff including the town members. This stirred up reality a bit and they ran into a dark figure who was suggested to be her captor. A battle was had. After the captor was defeated a portal opened and Amanda jumped through relieved to finally be free, the rest followed and they were back where they started inside the barn, everything normal as if no time had passed. Amanda no where to be seen.

Session 10
Garonis and Saphir head to the location given by the adviser. They want to speak with the ambassadors privately to find out what information they can get. After talking their way into the high class prison they find their cell is empty. Returning to the adviser and the King they find out the King’s head guards deemed the high class prison used for nobles and other notable criminals too good for assassins. They had actually been placed in the deep dungeons. The adviser had no knowledge of this change and the new King did not seem to disagree with his actions. In the darker, deeper, nastier dungeon they once again found the cell empty. Saphir managed to find a hidden door which was very well hidden (good rolls) it led into a forgotten part of the city. The sewers. There were bad smells, illegal distillery, thieves stashes, and a pretty complex drowning trap to overcome. Side tracked from following the Ambassador’s trail they found the sewer was inhabited by a group of evil cultist with a recently acquired female sacrifice. The cultist worshiped a monster that lived in the waters, using it’s multiple tentacles covered in eyes to seek pray and accept sacrifices from it’s worshipers. A hard fought battle ensued resulting in some near death experiences, one character was not so lucky. The innocent sacrifice was killed during the battle after suffering a battle wound from a fumbling Adventurer. The monster and cultists were dispatched and the Adventurers managed to find a way out. The exit took them out of the city, there they found 3 pairs of horse tracks. They quickly returned to the city to fetch their horses and resupply. Then they were ready to track the Ambassadors.

Session 9
Chaos develops moments after the kings death. Royal guards steal away the rest of the royal family for their protection. The party on the balcony in the good seats are held for questioning. Upon release while being led to the castle exit they over hear an argument between the King’s heir and the king’s trusted scout (A PC) named Grunson. Gru has found an Orc encampment that he suspects will be a threat to the kingdom. He requests men to take out the location. The new king does not consider it important and will not give him the men he requests. The scout is later found @ the flaming horse where he recruits the party to take on the encampment. After a patrol of baddies are delt with they stumble onto the Orcs(literally, Azrayael falls down a steep incline into the encampment) They encounter a force unnaturally big and disciplined. They manage to dispatch the Orcs/Goblins and 1 VERY large Orge. They return to the king and tell them of their find. They hear news of War between Tristinia and Mordent coming up and make a plea for peace. Suggesting the assassin was not under her own control. The king will not allow them to speak with the other Tristinia Ambassadors but later the King’s adviser tells Grunson where they are being held.

Session 8
The party spends a month in Mordent working while waiting for the festival. The Festival arrives to much celebration and competition. The Archery contest is won by Pip, the party gets out drank by their old friend in the drinking competition, and Corinthas Surprises everyone by winning the fighting competition. He earns the name “Lady Corinthas” for his efforts in the arena. An audience with the king and his thanks for helping his daughter (The chick with bandit issues) nets them some great seats for the closing ceremonies on the kings pavilion. After a long boring diplomatic speech the crowd roars in a final celebration. While being congratulated by the mutiple guests on his pavilion and assassin strikes. The killer, an ambassador of Tristinia!

Session 7
There’s a lot of debate on what to do with Seebo. The midway point’s Doctor (if you can call him that…) decided it was best to induce his transformation before the full moon. Hoping for a weaker weregnome. The following night Midway is attacked by the beats that were present at the cottage. Defending midway and destroying the creatures they settled down for drinking contests with a new Friend Leaving the next day they make it almost to Mordent without issues only to stumble upon a young lady being pestered by thieves. They help her and make it to Mordent.

Session 6
The party sets off for Mordent. They’re final task from the Captain of the Guardsis to escort a mysterious prisoner to Mordent. A days travel in they manage to find a cottage for shelter. They are attacked in the night by viscious creatures. The end of the 2nd day the arrive at the Midway point to suspicion and fear. Things get a little dicey when a rutine test shows that One of their party is infected with Lycanthropy.

Session 5
With the town feeling a bit safer the party decides to check out the Poison water issue. Troglodytes. They locate the Trogs and manage to clear them out. Not before some hilarious situations ensue. Upon completeing their quest they find there’s nothign left to do in Becna and the roads should be safer up to the midway point. They rest and get ready to travel north to Mordent.

Session 4
With the captain of guard away at the guard post training new guards the party is asked to stick around. Split in half to do guard shifts. During one of their shifts a hit squad of orks manages to come in and kill a former captive of the party (along with some townsfolk) The party gets help from ambassadors of Tristinia who are passing by in route to the festival.

Session 3
With the Krenshar menance dealt with villagers can venture a little further out. Only issue is they have no town guard! All of the tools and training grounds needed to get more are located at a guard post a few miles up the road. It has since been considered lost. The party gets ambushed on the way getting split. They eventually regroup at the guard post and clear it of it’s inhabitants. Drow which seem to be a little bit away from their homes. hmmmm

Session 2
After clearing out the mines the Adventurers unwittingly stamped “LETS US HELP YOU CLEAR OUT BADDIES” on their forehead. The town takes advantage of their skills. 2 parties are made. One heads into the wilderness and clears out the local Krenshar population, while the other heads to the angry old wizard Merton for help determining a source of river poisoning.

Session 1
Adventurers arrive in Becna, Royal Highway towards Mordent is too dangerous. Decide to stay in town and help out locals. Clear out a mine which has been having a bit of a goblin infestation. They bring back the leader to question him.


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