Festival of the Lion

Saphirs Dilemma

Saphir paced endlessly in her room.

What could she do? Rather, what WOULD she do?

What was Saphirs dilemma, you may ask? They were heading to the elven city of Ethe’ron.

Would… would the King still be alive? Or could of he passed on? He was in a fragile state when Saphir left Apri. Or when Saphir was exiled from Apri really.

If he HAD passed on, then his son… his evil vile son would have taken the throne. The Queen Mother would have given no objections. She was well known for doting and spoiling her son. Even if the truth of what happened to Apri came to her (Lai’thor probably lied about what happened there) she would have done nothing about it.

Saphir froze.

Apri… her eyes began to water and she angrily wiped at them. What had happened to Apri? A new noble house would have been set up there. Which family had risen up? Or who had taken over?

It seemed like a thousand questions raced through Saphirs mind all at once. It was hard to keep everything in check. Anger was raging through her.

As if ready to burst, grabbed the nearby book provided for her in the room and angrily hurled it at the wall. Feeling only slightly better, she moved to the bed and lay upon it. Staring at the ceiling above her, she tried to rest her mind.

If she had the opportunity to kill Lai’thor, then she would. An enter and exit strategy needed to be planned, just in case.

Drawing out a very simple map of the layout of the kingdom, she took herself back many years and thought of the streets, its defenses, and its people.

(the simple map)

Saphir remembered that Ethe’ron was laid out so in case of a war all the outer towns can close their gates and they can hold out since there are walls between each town.

They have enough land space inside to continue to cultivate and generally continue having commerce without running out of resources. Even the towns have a set of towers on each side to take care of and use when the kingdom was on high alert.

Even if one of the towns is breached, Ethe’ron itself is still surrounded by walls to keep it safe.

Kivar. Fara. Lo’tess. Shea. Men’lay. Corra. Yen’sira. She had hoped none of them fell to the crazy princes’ madness like Apri did.

A sigh escaped her. She was told it would be a week of travel before they reached there, and since she highly doubted she’d be welcomed back with open arms… it was time to execute a web of lies. Starting with her companions…


duh duh duh! i’m excited to see how this all unfolds.

Saphirs Dilemma

Nick: Brilliant names for the cities, I especially like the way you designed the kingdom. Although it is cynical to think you will need such defense, always plan for the worst. :D.

Azrayael: “Web of lies you say? I hope you keep in mind a paladin only speaks the truth.” (/Throws a wrench at your plot device)

Llathriel: “O baer byr paerael ei colys ais si cestal pyl’s cym air aezor eil shot baelaes thol air.” You need not defend a kingdom if the humans don’t know it exists and will never find it.

Roh’gal: “Smashy smashy, lil’ elf prince will be broked”. (/hits hand with fist)

Saphirs Dilemma

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